Hello Friends! Garon graduated college this week! Of course, it was a bit of a different graduation than the usual due to COVID-19. Read Mom’s heartfelt message about missing her son’s graduation below. Love y’all and congratulations, Garon!


So, we gotta be brutally honest here. Today is a day that our family is really hating the coronavirus! Right now we should all be in Utah to celebrate Garon’s graduation from Brigham Young University. At this very moment, we were all planning to be in the Marriott Center with thousands of others celebrating the graduating class of 2020. Tonight we were going to join family, friends and faculty to attend Garon’s senior capstone concert and see and hear him perform a body of work that he selected to best represent his musical accomplishments at BYU. Tomorrow he would be donning cap and gown and walking across the stage to receive his diploma, and we were all going to be there to scream and cry for joy at what is a huge milestone for Garon. We were going to eat cake and smile and laugh and hug. We’ve all been looking forward to this for a very long time. Especially, that concert! And then there was the coronavirus and everything was cancelled and we are all staying home. We don’t want to sound whiny here, but the truth is, this is just disappointing! And it’s a small reminder of the personal affect this virus has had on so many people’s lives. Garon is just one of millions of graduates this year who are missing out on this moment. And there are so many more significant events that are being missed, rescheduled, or held virtually across the miles. Our hearts go out to those who can’t attend graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, the births of children and grandchildren, weddings, and most especially funerals. This is a hard time. We feel it.

On the bright side, we couldn’t be more proud of Garon and what he has accomplished. He has worked hard. He’s taken all of his past experience, his natural gifts, his work ethic, and his strength of character, and has now moved to a whole new level of excellence. So, today we just want to say to Garon – We are so happy for you. We love you so much. We wish we were there to celebrate with you. Congratulations!