Hello Brett Friends, Fans, and Family!

Happy February!  This year is already flying by so quickly.  Where did January go?  Right?

We thought we would just take a minute to share a word of thanks and to give you all a 2022 Brett Family update.

First of all, we want to give everyone a huge thank you for a great 2021 show season.  It was so good to be back on stage again!  Truly!  After shutting down in 2020 because of Covid, the 2021 show was extra special to us.  Each day we took the stage, we felt grateful – grateful just to be there and for the privilege of our stage.  It felt so good to be singing together again and to enjoy sharing the spirit of Christmas.  Our Christmas show season literally flew by and when our last day came, we couldn’t believe it.  Another Brett Family Christmas season in the books.  But we were so grateful.  We all stayed healthy, the crowds were gracious, our crew was the best ever, and we enjoyed every single day.  We want to express our thanks to all of you who came and shared in it with us and who supported us from afar.  We love and appreciate you!!

This year is off to a very busy start.  NuVive Medical Center, Tom’s clinic, is keeping him very busy and on his toes.  It is very gratifying, though, to be able to help people with their joint pain and neuropathy.  It’s pretty cool to witness what is going on there, with new treatments that truly are helping people without drugs or surgery.  He’s doing a great work there!

Andrea started a new project, too, called The Creativity Course.  It’s a seven-week, in person and on Zoom course that she has created to help people get out of their creative cocoons, do their creative work and share it with others.  This is a totally new project for her, but she is really enjoying it – and learning so much!  She is looking forward to starting round two after this first session is over.  She also works for the clinic and the theater and is teaching piano lessons to Briahna’s three boys.

Briahna is doing a Herculean work, home-schooling and keeping up with her and Merrill’s five kiddos.  Merrill has some intense training this year with the Navy, so Briahna is holding down the fort.  They recently moved to a new place here in Branson and are getting settled in.  There is never a dull moment in that household.  Sports, dance, piano, church…  Briahna is logging some serious miles on their gigantic van they call The Tank.  Ivan, Auggie, Wade, JoLeigh, and Goldie are growing up way too fast.  We are so happy to be in the same town, so we can all share in the excitement!

In January, Brydon and his wife, Mina, and baby Daven, just returned from New York where they visited Mina’s family.  This is the first time most of her family had met the amazing baby Daven.  They spoiled him rotten, which is totally understandable! While they were in NY, Mina recorded her first album, called “Old Soul,” which we are all super excited about. Brydon and Mina will soon launch a YouTube Channel called Bretter Together, which will be really fun, and Prince Ivan is working on a huge endeavor called The Unity Project.  Brydon has a brand new website – www.brydonbrett.com – where you can go see all that is going on in his world!

Garon is back in Utah, after sharing a wonderful Christmas with us here in Branson.  He has an awesome home studio that he is working out of now, which is perfect for the music projects he has coming down the pike, which are many.  He is always working on his own original music, but writes, records and produces for others, as well.  He is involved in a very exciting project right now called Warehouse Worship.  It’s a multicultural, multi-denominational Christian worship service that is held once a month and features a group of producers, musicians, artists, and creatives who are dedicated to building bridges and helping people grow closer to God in a united way.  He, along with a group of amazingly talented musicians are very busy writing and producing original music for this project.

All in all, we are busy, moving forward, and super grateful for our faith, our family, our friends, and life in general.  We want to wish all of you a very happy and successful 2022, and a Valentine’s Day full of love.

With love and gratitude,

The Brett Family