Hello Friends!

Andrea Brett here!  It’s been so long since we have emailed our friends and fans and I didn’t want to let another day go by without reaching out to all of you in our extended Brett family!

Aren’t these the craziest of times!  A drive down the Branson strip last weekend reminded Tom and I of how quickly things can change.  Spring Break, Friday night, barely a car or person in sight.  This amazing little town of Branson was taking a mandatory “nap,” and that was a strange sight, indeed.  But I know for certain that Branson can’t wait to wake back up again!  This town was not meant to sleep.  When all of this passes, Branson will be ready to rock ‘n’ roll like never before.  We hope you all will join us in the dance!!

I want to just give you an update on our family.  It may be a little lengthy, but that’s okay!  You’ve got time!  You’re stuck at home!

I’ll start with Briahna.  She and her husband Merrill, and all four of our grandchildren are living in Anna, Texas right now, and we miss them like crazy.  They are one busy little gang!  And that gang is about to get bigger and busier because Briahna is expecting baby number 5!  We are super excited about that and pray every day for the health and safety of Briahna and that new little one on the way.

Brydon and his wife, Mina, are here in Branson, hunkering down.  But if you know Brydon, you know that he is as busy as ever.  He would never waste a minute of this precious gift of time to stay home and create, innovate, and move projects forward.  Up until COVID-19, his musical duo, Prince Ivan, was very busy doing concerts and assemblies on the road and at many of the schools here in Branson.  They are still working hard in the studio and other musical projects, but are definitely anxious to get back out on stage.

Garon is in his final semester of college at Brigham Young University.  Just days after we all purchased plane tickets to attend his graduation and the related festivities, we found out that it was all being cancelled.  We were super sad because we’ve been looking forward to the day we would see him walk across that stage in his cap and gown for a long time!   He told us there was a bright side – now he doesn’t have to buy the cap and gown!  Garon is writing and producing some amazing music right now, not only for himself, but in collaboration with many other musicians, as well.  He also works for BYU-TV in their editing department.  It’s really awesome to see all of Garon’s natural gifts expand and flourish.  Graduation ceremony or no, we are very proud of him and happy for him.

So, about Tom.  I know I mentioned it before but probably not in much detail.  Exactly, one year ago, he returned to his roots in health care and opened a medical clinic here in Branson. His staff includes a nurse practitioner, a collaborating MD, and medical assistant. And if you want the best chiropractic adjustment in Missouri, he’s there to give it.  The clinic is in a beautiful facility just minutes from our home, and is designed to help people with back and joint pain through regenerative medicine, or what is commonly termed “stem cell” therapy.  He is also treating patients who suffer from neuropathy.  The clinic is called NuVive Medical Center – NuVive meaning “new life,” because that’s the goal – to get people out of pain and back to living!  As a health care facility, he is still able be open right now, which we are grateful for.  Since everyone is very concerned about health and wellness, especially right now, I’d love to invite you to subscribe to NuVive’s FaceBook page at facebook.com/nuvivemedical and follow us on Instagram at @nuvivemedical.   I’ll be posting regular tips on how to stay happy and healthy – physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually – even through a worldwide pandemic!!  And we are always posting on The Bretts FaceBook and Instagram, as well.

As for me, I’m just trying to keep up with too many things to mention.  And I’m trying to housetrain a puppy!  Need I say more?!!

With all the changes in our lives as of late, you might think that our Christmas show is the last thing on our minds, but that is not the case!  We are still holding regular production meetings and looking forward to when things get back to normal and we are singing “Halleluia” again!  Christmas will be here before we all know it and we will be so happy to see you all again.  It will be the crowning season of a year none of us will ever forget!

Until then, know we have not forgotten you!  We are still here!  We hope and pray you are all well and staying healthy.  I also hope that while all of us are social distancing, we remember to stay connected to those we love most.

We love and appreciate you all!

God bless,

Andrea Brett