by Andrea C. Brett

Last year in February, I posted a blog called “What Love Does – Valentine’s Day Musings About Love.”  It explored the idea that love is not a noun, or an “is” – but that love is really a verb, or a “does.”   I wrote a list of a few of the simple and wonderful things that love has done in my life.  After the blog was posted, I continued to ponder on the idea, and over time, the thoughts in my head (like my thoughts often do) began to take the shape of a song.  Songwriting can be an interesting process.  Sometimes it’s quick, and the inspiration flows then congeals in a matter of hours or days.  Sometimes the ideas come slowly and are revealed over time.  Sometimes it’s just plain fun and sometimes it’s like pulling teeth.  As a songwriter, sometimes you have the feeling from the start that the song you’re working on will hit the mark, other times you’re pretty sure it won’t, but you write it anyway because songwriters just have to keep writing songs.  It’s just what they do.  Songs are most often inspired by firsthand experiences or observations of the experiences of others they know – so it’s personal. I would venture to say that most songs are written with the hope that a unique combination of lyrics, melody, chords, and rhythm will touch someone in the world, even if it’s just one person and that person is you, the songwriter.  I’ve written many songs that no one will ever hear but me, and it’s still worth it.

In this blog, I thought I’d share “What Love Does” before it’s even finished.  It’s one of those songs that is developing slowly, over time, so what I’m giving you is a work in progress.  Because of that, I’ll give a little explanation.  Songs have parts.  Not every song has every part, but every song has some combination of parts.  There are verses and pre-verses and choruses and pre-choruses, and bridges and intros and codas.  Here I’m going to share just the lyrics for all the parts that are on the table for “What Love Does,” at least for now.  When the final song is finished, not all the parts will make the cut; for the sake of time and form, I’ll have to pick and choose.  Since I haven’t made my choices yet, you can read it all!  As you do, think of a child-like melody with a simple picking pattern on a guitar, and feel free to sing along!  Also, feel free to leave a comment below about which part(s) might, in some way, speak to you.

What Love Does

It’s the question of the ages
What is love – we want to know
Simple answers come to mind
Love is patient, love is kind, love is blind
But definitions seem to fail
The question still remains because
The answer isn’t found in what love is
The answer’s found in what love does…


Love ties shoes on tiny feet
It works three jobs to make ends meet
Love drops by to say hello
Love mows lawns and shovels snow.
Love plays ball and love flies kites
Love stays up through lonely nights
Love tells stories, love makes plans
Love takes walks and love holds hands

This is love oo oo
This is love oo oo
This is love oo oo
This is what love does
This is what love does

Love talks gently, love talks sweet
Sometimes love laughs, sometimes it weeps
Love sends flowers, love writes notes
Love holds on and love lets go
Love stays up and walks the floor
It checks the phone and looks out the door
Love won’t rest – its work’s never done
Till everyone is safely home

Repeat Chorus:

Sometimes love tries way too hard
And completely gets it wrong
But love says I’m sorry, and love forgives
Then love picks up and carries on

Love looks love straight in the eye
It never wants to say good-bye
Love holds no matter what
Love stands strong, love won’t give up

Repeat Chorus:

Tag Ending:
Love gives, love takes, love endures for heaven’s sake
This is love oo oo
This is what love does
This is what love does

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017!