People have been wondering… What is The Nest? So glad you asked!

The Nest in a Nutshell

  • The Nest is a small 55 seat venue focused on growing the original songwriting community in Southwest Missouri.
  • The Nest is a casual, cozy gathering place where folks can relax and enjoy live music.
  • The Nest hosts:
    • Full length concerts for singer/songwriters
    • “Jam Jams” for songwriters to share their works in progress
    • “Writers Round” concerts featuring original songs and stories by 3-4 artists
    • Various other concerts and events
    • The Nest also partners with the “Hooked” Songwriting Contest Competition – Southwest Missouri’s premiere songwriting contest.

A brief history of The Nest

Over 15 Years ago Tom and Andrea Brett attended their first “Jam Jam” in the living room of their son, Brydon’s, college apartment in Virginia.  It was a gathering of young people who loved writing and sharing original music and just being together.  The Jam Jam had fun, cozy, nurturing vibes. When Brydon graduated and returned to Branson, The Bretts continued the tradition by holding “Jam Jams” in the basement of their home – once a month, year after year.  Recently, Tom opened a beautiful medical clinic in Branson with an extra conference room that seemed to be calling out for a purpose. The idea of The Nest was born.

In addition to hosting “Jam Jams,” The Nest is a venue for songwriters to take their talents to the next level and have a place to perform for the public, and for the public to support the local songwriting scene.

Fun Fact

Tom and Andrea Brett and their three children, Briahna, Brydon & Garon, have performed on the stages of Branson for the past 23 years.  While they have loved performing cover songs, they have always had a passion for original music and have made sure their show included some of their own songs and arrangements.  All five of The Bretts are writers and arrangers, and love to encourage others to develop their musical gifts.  The Nest is a natural extension of The Brett Family’s musical footprint.

Come Join Us

We want you to come see what’s going on at The Nest.  The first concert of 2023 is coming up on Monday, March 13th at 7:30 pm.

Join The Nest Family

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