Brydon’s wife Mina will be doing a concert at The Nest on Monday, November 13.

If you have heard Mina sing, then you know this will be a concert you do not want to miss! If you haven’t heard Mina, then we will tell you, this is a concert you do not want to miss!

Mina Thomas Brett
Monday, November 13

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*In-Person and Livestream ticket options available



About The Nest

Owned and operated by Tom and Andrea Brett, The Nest is a cozy, intimate venue focused on growing the original songwriting community in Southwest Missouri. It serves as a gathering place where folks can relax and enjoy live music.

The Nest hosts full length concerts for singer/songwriters, “Jam Jams” for songwriters to share their works in progress, “Writers Round” concerts featuring original songs and stories by 3-4 artists, and various other concerts and events.

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