Hey Fam, Garon here:)

Some of you may have seen us send some posts or emails about a new group that Brydon, Mina and Myself are a part of called the King will come.  It’s been a pretty cool project that’s all about our personal relationships with God through the ups and downs we all go through.  We’ve been writing a lot of music for it that we are starting to release.  Woot woot!!!  Just wanted to personally invite you to jump on your phone or computer and listen to our first song that just dropped.  It’s called “Yet” and you can find it wherever you listen to music (click HERE for some links to make it easy)

Feel free to…

  1. listen to the tune
  2. share it with anyone you think would enjoy it and
  3. join our (the King will come’s) email list for more updates as we release more music and do events.


So grateful for all of you loving and supporting our family through all these years.  We love you!

Muchas blessings,






Instagram: @thekingwillcomemusic

Facebook: thekingwillcome.music