Tom and Andrea are celebrating 43 years of marriage! In honor of this special day, Tom shared these sentiments:

Wednesday, May 24th 2023, marks an incredible milestone for Andrea and I – 43 years of marriage! It has been a wonderful and memory filled ride, with rarely a dull moment. Generally, in our day and age, to make 43 years of marriage is considered a huge accomplishment and quite a long time. But in our little part of the world, things have a bit of a different perspective.
As we have performed together in our show here in Branson, Missouri, it was commonplace to have Brydon or I ask at nearly every show, “who here has been married the longest?” We always started at “anyone 50 years or more?” Now, in most cities in the US, you would see maybe 5-10% of the audience’s hands go up, but not in Branson…immediately we would see a third to half of the audience’s hands go up!! Fifty years of marriage, NO BIG DEAL in Branson!! We would have to get over 60 years of marriage to start approaching the “record for longest married” on that particular show day. Out of all of our shows and travels, what I remember as the longest married overall, was 75 years of marriage. So, our 43 is really just a good start, and I for one am really happy about that, because that means I get to live another 30 plus years with one of the most beautiful humans on this planet. I truly mean that!!
Andrea Christensen Brett is one of the finest human beings you could ever meet. Perhaps that is the highest compliment I could ever give her, in addition to extolling her virtues of:
– extreme native physical beauty
– extreme beauty on the inside of her person
– extremely intelligent, with a very quick mind and keen intellect
– an extremely creative mind and spirit
– extremely gifted writer, poet, author, songwriter ….. writer of all types (she loves my ….. dot, dot, dots – BTW)
– extremely compassionate
– extremely caring, kind and loving to everyone she meets …. Really everyone!!
– being intensely loyal to friends and family
– being one of the very best mothers I have ever known
– being natively, very happy and positive
… there are so many more things I could say, but the biggest compliment I could ever give Andrea, is that she is one of the very most Christlike people I have ever known!! Andrea is just plain good to the core and you know that from the first minute you meet her !!! (she also loves my exclamation marks!!!)
I am a very lucky and a very blessed man, to have been given Andrea as my wife and companion, and the mother of our children – very blessed indeed. Thank you, Andrea, for 43 of the very best years a man could ask for.
Happy 43rd Anniversary Andrea, you deserve to have an incredible day !!!